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Our Mission

Our Bodies

A Nutritious and varied diet is an important part of health. Many people overconsume energy rich, nutrient poor foods leading to poor health and obesity.

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Our Planet

Food production is responsible for 30% of the total global GHG emissions and 70% of freshwater use. It is also the leading cause of deforestation and biodiversity loss (EAT Lancet). 

Our Goals

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Working towards a healthy planet with happy, healthy people.


Empowering manufacturers to make food more nutritious & sustainable. 

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Empowering consumers to make Smart and fast decisions that are good for them & the planet.

Revolutionising sustainability tracking for food companies

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The Ecological & Nutritional system


Tailor made sustainability software for food companies that automates the cumbersome steps


A complete score calculated automatically across 16 environmental issues 7 nutritional attributes.


Simulation with different ingredients for designing more sustainable and nutritious recipes.

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Calculates sustainability scores for the labels you want, including the Econut label, so consumers can identify sustainable foods in an instant!

Quantifying, Improving, and communicating your ecological and nutritional benefits has never been so easy!

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5 reasons to #GoEconut


Track your impact

Food companies can now quantify the impacts of their foods 10 times faster and 10 times cheaper


Improve your products

Companies will be able to simulate different recipes and design better products to the environment and to the nutrition


Simple certification

Painless and faster label certification process, optimized by our software


Consumers that care

Consumers are demanding sustainability and willing to pay a 24% higher price to achieve this goal


Empowering consumers

Empowered consumers will be able to identify foods that are good for their health and the planet in an instant & get more information with the QR code

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The Team


Sophie Saget

PhD: LCA sustainable foods & nutrition; Sustainable Sourcing

Sophie is passionate about healthy and sustainable foods. She has been working closely with food companies for the past three years, helping them quantify and improve their environmental and nutritional sustainability, as well as benchmark them with traditional alternatives. She also worked in sustainable sourcing of natural ingredients, organising and going on expeditions in the jungle!


Marcela Porto Costa

PhD in LCA for sustainable foods; Agriculture

Marcela is passionate about sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), working in this field for 7 years now. She has experience working for multinational companies and as a consultancy. She has developed projects regarding different stakeholders such as biofertiliser producers, logistics, agriculture production, processed foods, paper industry, among others.

Colm Duffy
Product Developer

Post-Doc: LCA Land use & land use change; Agri & Forestry

Colm is a Post-Doctoral Researcher working on the development of carbon neutral pathways for the agri-food sector. He has experience in LCA and software engineering. Colm has worked on sustainability projects in Ireland, Kenya, Malawi, Costa Rica and Wales. He is a strong advocate for sustainability and led the successful fossil free campaign in NUI Galway while studying there.


Vincent Saget
Business Development

Business development; carbon positive projects

As an airline pilot, Vincent is convinced that companies can
both have a meaningful impact and benefit from fully integrating sustainability in their businesses. He has most recently worked with a luxury hotel project in France that aims to minimize its environmental footprint and be one of the first carbon-positive establishment in Europe.

We believe healthy and sustainable food choices are key to achieve a sustainable obesity-free World



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